Our Story

Two connected

Worlds Collide

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, we opened an Airbnb in western WI in an effort to save a family farm. As the pandemic accelerated and forced the world into a new digital era, we realized local businesses all around us were getting left behind.

Then, the murder of George Floyd and the movement following his death, right in our own community, had awoken something within us. We watched as the world became more divided than ever, and decided to start living our lives around bringing communities together.

An 💡 is Born

We knew that to move forward, we had to focus on elevating the voices of all those that struggle to be heard. To strengthen local communities, we have to share the untold stories and remind people what we all have in common. Only then can we build an inclusive world that empowers diversity, entrepreneurship, and inclusivity.

We know now more than ever, we must utilize the rapid advancements of technology to empower the masses, not the powerful few. So, we started connecting with small business owners.


The Future

It didn’t take long for us to realize we were on to something. Small biz owners from both urban and rural communities were experiencing very similar challenges. We sprinted out of our comfort zones and began building, using our collective talents. Most importantly, Derek was able to use his 10+ years of coding experience to begin building.

What was originally named Outermost Acres (after the Airbnb that inspired it) eventually transformed into scuse (skoo·zee).


For Good

Scuse reflects everyone and everything this journey has been and continues to be. We’re working hard as one inclusive community to RISE UP and create positive waves of change. Bridging our worlds has been incredibly difficult and yet, our most rewarding work to date.

We are eternally grateful for every moment, person, local business, and teacher that brought us here. Together we can and we will build stronger local communities by using technology for good.

“As never before, our world needs warmth in its cold, metallic heart, warmth to go on and face what has been made of human life, warmth to remain humane and kind.”
― Henry Beston
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