Goodie Bag

Reach 80k+ residents across the Twin Cities
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Highlight your promotions, events, deals and your business in the virtual Winter Goodie Bag!

What you can


Feature one or feature them all!


Highlight ongoing promos like specials, happy hours, sales, giveaways and more.


Promote upcoming and ongoing events.

Special Offer

Feature an exclusive deal like a promo code or coupon.


Stand out with a short video promoting your business.

The Basics

Add a photo, bio and important links.
Direct links to gift cards, booking, online stores, and more!



The bag will go live on Feb 22nd and will expire Apr 9th.

You can control the expiration dates of your promotions and special offers at your own discretion.

How it’s

Reaching the Community

With a strategic variety of grassroots and digital promotional efforts.

Digital Ads

Targeted ads across social media to reach a variety of niche audiences.
Estimated reach: 50k


Promotion by neighborhood associations, orgs and property management companies via newsletters, email & flyers.
Estimated reach: 11k


QR codes on bulletin boards and partnering businesses.
Estimated reach: 8k


The scuse team will promote it in person at a variety of community events.
Estimated reach: 6k

Social Media

Engaging users across all social media platforms.
Estimated reach: 4.5k


Our list of new email subscribers is growing every day!
Estimated reach: 1k

Cumulative Reach

80k+ Residents

The number of residents reached will continue to grow as we add participants and expand partnerships!



Our 24/7 portal allows you to easily add/update content in the goodie bag in real-time.



$365 Save $273!

1-Year Membership!

Join scuse today to promote in this goodie bag and others all year!

  • Special Editions
  • New Resident (15k+ residents and counting)
  • Anniversary, Birthday and more!

Includes the ability to highlight unlimited B2C promotions, events and content on across all scuse marketing channels!

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